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    If you're looking for experienced and effective consulting for your Big Data projects, send your project needs, so we can discuss how Presicient can help.
    The entire catalog of Presicient open source software is now available on GitHub!
    Plotjax is a rich interactive charting solution for modern web browsers. Check out some sample charts.
    The DBD::Teradata 12.001 Perl DBI driver is now available, providing
  • encrypted logons for Teradata V2R5.1.X through TW12
  • support for BIGINT and large precision DECIMAL
  • numerous performance and reliability enhancements
Note:Version 12.001 is Presicient's final major release of DBD::Teradata, and is now available as open source under the GPL 2.0 license.
    The PSiCHE suite of Perl modules for modern threaded scalable applications is available on GitHub:

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